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Posted February 26, 2024 in Westword by Kristen Kuchar

If there was any doubt that Colorado distillers have put the state on the map for quality whiskey, look no further than the 2024 World Whiskies Awards, where seven local spirits makers were recognized.


Posted February 16, 2024 on The Whiskey Tribe

Watch Daniel's review of Talnua's Peated Cask Whiskey.


Posted March 9, 2023 in Westword by Kristen Kuchar

It was during Meagan and Patrick Miller’s honeymoon in Ireland that an idea to turn their passion for whiskey into a life-changing endeavor was born. “My husband and I always bonded over tasting whiskey,” Meagan says.


Posted February, 2023 in 5280 by Patricia Kaowthumrong & Staff

Find out where to sip the tastiest gin, vodka, whiskey, and other thoughtfully crafted spirits on the Front Range—plus, four destination-worthy sipping spots.


Posted Jauary 9, 2023 in Whisky Advocate by Jonny McCormick

When quarter casks from Laphroaig Distillery arrived at Talnua Distillery in Arvada, Colorado, they looked different from any other barrels in the warehouse. “They looked like grungy barrels you’d find on a pirate ship,” recalls Meagan Miller, co-founder of the American single pot still distillery she opened in 2017 with her husband Patrick.


Posted September 14, 2022 on The Bourbon Road by Jim Shannon and Mike Hyatt

Jim and Mike welome in Patrick and Meagan from Talnua Distillery in Colorado. These two are producing the very first American Single Pot Still Whiskey. Even more cool is they have recently release a "Bottled-in-Bond" version of their whiskey which sold out soon after release!


Posted August 30, 2022 on Cask Chasers

Bobby and Aaron are back with Meagan and Patrick from Talnua Distillery talking more about the American Single Pot Still revolution and drinking some fantastic whiskey along the way.


Posted August 23, 2022 on Cask Chasers

Meagan and Patrick Miller of Talnua Distillery join Aaron and Bobby this week (and next) to talk about their surprisingly delicious and innovative approach to Pot Still American Whiskey.


Posted June 15, 2022 on American Mash & Grain by Meghan Swanson

At first blush, Colorado’s Front Range and the green hills of the Emerald Isle couldn’t be more different. One gently rolling, steeped in human habitation going back to prehistory; the other, ruggedly jutting from a landscape crisscrossed by the paths of nomadic indigenous Americans.


Posted April 13, 2022 on Thirst Colorado by Jay McKinney

The events that led to the opening of Talnua Distillery in Arvada are so serendipitous that a movie producer might want to take note. The main characters would be husband and wife Patrick and Meagan Miller, who were introduced to this style of whiskey while on their honeymoon in Ireland.


Posted March 22, 2022 on The Whiskey Wash by Gary Carter

“Women have been making booze and consuming booze since the beginning of alcohol’s existence, so in essence, we’re just continuing that tradition.”


Posted March 15, 2022 on Matador Network by Nickolaus Hines

WHILE AMERICAN DISTILLERS indeed make singular spirits, there’s no denying that the history of American whiskey is inextricably linked to Ireland. The two countries are, after all, the ones that put the “e” in whiskey while most of the rest of the world follows Scotland’s “whisky.”


Posted March 8, 2022 on 9NEWS Dever by Byron Reed

Talnua Distillery in Arvada is a company making its own mark on history by being one of the few women-owned and women-run distilleries in Colorado. 


Posted March 2, 2022 on Whiskey Women by Janet & Blair

It's a lot of new records here at Whiskey Women Podcast: our interview with Talnua Distillery features three whiskey women, five whiskies sampled, and one amazing cheers!


Posted January 7, 2022 on The Rickhouse by Whiskey Culture

Dig into all things Talnua Distillery with Whiskey Culture on this 40 min episode of The Rickhouse.


Posted December 1, 2021 in Whisky Advocate by Jonny McCormick

With 1 in 10 people in the U.S. claiming Irish heritage, there’s a natural affinity with Ireland, and it extends to Irish whiskey. Some stateside distillers have also created their own take on Ireland’s classic whiskey styles.


Posted November 20, 2021 on Bourbon Lens

Our guests this week are the founders of Talnua Distillery in Arvada Colorado. Patrick and Meagan Miller fell in love with the traditionally Irish, Single Pot Still Whiskey on a honeymoon trip to Ireland...


Posted Winter 2021 in Artisan Spirits by Gabe Toth

Far from the rolling hills and heather meadows of Ireland, in an industrial corner of north Denver, the staff of Talnua Distillery is creating spirits inspired by the taste of the Emerald Isle.


Posted October 30, 2021 on The Whiskey Tribe

Far from the rolling hills and heather meadows of Ireland, in an industrial corner of north Denver, the staff of Talnua Distillery is creating spirits inspired by the taste of the Emerald Isle.


Posted Fall Issue 2021 on Relish and Whisky Magazine by Scott Stark

It’s tempting, perhaps, to dismiss the success of Talnua Distillery as nothing more than the luck of the Irish—but dig a little deeper into this Colorado-based distillery and it soon becomes apparent that there’s another time-worn phrase that does an even better job of capturing the company’s story of growth and accomplishments: chance favors the prepared mind...


Posted March 17, 2021 in 5280 by Denise Mickelsen

The Arvada-based company is the country’s only dedicated single pot still spirits producer, and is celebrating its anniversary with new copper stills and a delicious three-year-old whiskey.


Posted March 12, 2021 in Westword by Linnea Covington

Whiskey made in single-pot stills isn't common in the U.S., but it's an old and honorable way of making Irish whiskey that dates back to the late 1700s, according to Patrick and Meagan Miller, the owners of Talnua Distillery in Arvada.


Posted July 16, 2020 in Bourbon Blog by Tom Fischer

Talnua Distillery head distiller and co-founder Patrick Miller will chat live with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer live


Posted Sept 25, 2020 in Stories and Sips by Barry Chandler

The nice people at Talnua Distillery & Tasting Room in Denver, CO happen to make a whiskey that’s heavily influenced and inspired by Irish Single Pot Still whiskey. So we really have no choice but to put American Single Pot Still up against some Irish Single Pot Still and have a good auld time chatting with founder Patrick Miller...


Posted Sept 20, 2020 in Company Week by Gregory Daurer

We are the only distillery, outside of Ireland, that is dedicated to making single pot still whiskey," Miller says...


Posted Mar 11, 2020 in by Matt Healy

Usually when I travel for a Potstilled Radio interview, I average about 70km a trip to meet the interviewee. I the case of this episode I threw the average out the window and instead travelled over 7,000km from Dublin to Denver...


Posted Jan 10, 2020 in by Amber Inthavong

As we said goodbye to 2019, many can’t help but feel the year simply flew right by. There is so much to do and not enough time to do it all. But 2020 means there are many promising things ahead. Denver’s culture in both food and booze have grown immensely. So to keep up with hot spots on where to go and what to try what better way than to create bucket lists...


Posted Aug 12, 2019 in by Katie Coakley

Take a look around: These are not the green fields of Ireland. However, a new distillery in Arvada is bringing a uniquely Irish style of whiskey production to Colorado. Since opening on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Patrick and Meagan Miller of Talnua Distillery have been creating triple-distilled...


Posted July 2019 in by Unfiltered Podcast

Welcome to Unfiltered, a podcast featuring leaders in the craft beverage industry sharing their stories and providing a behind-the-scenes look at what they do. 


Posted June 2019 in 5280 by Amanda M. Faison

Innovative distilleries just keep popping up around Denver. Give these new Front Range favorites a shot (or two).


Posted March 21, 2019 in Arvada Press by Shanna Fortier

What is likely the only distillery outside of Ireland to make triple distilled single pot still whiskey officially opened in Arvada St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Opening Talnua Distillery was a dream come true for Patrick Miller...


Posted March 13, 2019 in 5280 by Katie Coakley

Inspiration comes in many forms. For Meagan and Patrick Miller, co-owners of Talnua Distillery, inspiration arrived during the haze of their honeymoon in 2011 as they toured Ireland’s single pot still distilleries. Fast forward to...


Posted March 13, 2019 in 303 by Caroline Kennedy

Talnua Distillery in Arvada will officially open its doors to the public on St. Patrick’s Day weekend this year. Meagan and Patrick Miller started the project in July of 2017 as a way to bring back the Irish technique...

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