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Talnua Distillery whiskies and gins are produced using single pot still distillation methods. True to gaelic-style distilling tradition, spirits are produced using a mashbill of 50% unmalted / 50% malted barley and triple distilled in copper potstills.

2020 Special Release

Olde Saint's Keep

This bottle is something truly special, an American Single Pot Still Whiskey, triple distilled, aged virgin white oak, and finished in port casks.


Bottles are available for pickup or curbside pickup at the distillery daily from noon-7:00p.

Quarter Cask Whiskey

American Single Pot Still Whiskey Aged in Quarter Casks

Our Quarter Cask is our very first estate-produced whiskey with a mashbill of 100% barley, unmalted and malted, and triple distilled in copper pot stills. Bold, spicy oak flavors from our quarter casks flow through the sweet malty and grassy notes of our barley mash. The first whiskey of its kind outside of Ireland.

Barrel Finished Gin

American Single Pot Still Gin

A unique product offering, this gin is our Finglas recipe that has been finished in American White Oak barrels. The complex character of the oak flows through the honey sweetness of the barley and provides a full-bodied foundation for the herbal brightness of the botanicals. Great served neat, on the rocks, or in a Mule or Martinez cocktail.

Heritage Selection Whiskey

A Blend of Pot Still & Grain Whiskey

Our Heritage Selection whiskey is a light and approachable style of whiskey that honors the tradition of blending pot still and grain whiskeys in Ireland. The light, subtle notes of the grain whiskey compliment the dark, spicy flavors of the pot still to create a balanced and easy drinking whiskey.


American Single Pot Still Gin

Not your G&T gin, this gin is made with our single pot still mashbill of unmalted and malted barley and triple distilled in the traditional genever style in pot stills. Our process results in a bright, citrus and cereal sweet gin. Perfect in a Tom Collins or Bees Knees.

Single pot

still essentials

The essence of what creates each of our spirits at Talnua.

Unmalted & Malted



Distilled in

Copper Pot Stills

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Where to buy a bottle or a Dram of the Ram

Our spirits are all available for purchase at the distillery Thursday - Sunday. If you can't make it in for a visit during those times you can find all pubs and spirits shops that carry Talnua on our locator map. 


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